Saturday, February 19, 2011

Props to

Just got my order in from and it is awesome!  Check this out, I paid 100.74 for 46 MBS boosters shipped.  This is the lowest price I've paid for a box of magic yet!  They have a deal going on (hopefully still) where they are selling $2.19 no max per booster pack.  A bunch of my friends though that they might be selling loose boosters from box mapping, but this is not the case.  I received 1 full sealed box of MBS and 10 loose packs.  WHAT A STEAL!  I'd go pick some up if I were you. 

I cracked the sealed box and pulled 5 mythics and a bunch of solid rares.  Sadly no tezzys, but overall a good box.  The last 10 backs are going to be used for drafts.  We have a draft in town that takes 5 packs or 15 bucks for entry, and pays out 7 for 3-0.  RL infinite is possible there.   My original plan was either to use all 46 for drafting for a couple of buddies of mine if they were all loose packs, but hey, sealed product is sealed product.

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