Friday, February 25, 2011

FNM Limited Prep

This FNM is going to be MBS/MBS/SOM limited draft.  My shop that I attend (Shane's) has been running this the last few times because a majority of the players want to open new packs.  This limited event will be much more similar to the MBS/MBS/MBS limited you see on MTGO. 

We get approximately 30-40 people every FNM with a diverse level of play skill.  This type of crowd can be either good or bad.  Most of the time people are trying to draft a cohesive deck, but some times people switch deck strategies so often during the draft that it is not even funny.  Knowing this helps me prepare my mind for what is going to go down...

So the question often is, "How do I prepare for a Limited Event?" or more specifically this limited FNM.

1)  Know the Set
I can't stress this enough.  If you are seeing a card for the first time while drafting or opening a sealed pool you are doing something wrong.  Before you play in a limited event, engrave each of the cards into your head.  Look up and down, across and forward on Gatherer to know each card.  Commons and Uncommons will be the most important cards to know as they will make up the majority of your deck.  Before an event, I always glance over the set once or twice just to get the juices flowing.

2)  Have a Plan
While I will always advise against forcing a theme in limited, you need to have a plan going into the event.  Do you know the archetypes for a particular limited set?  Do you know what cards have good synergy?  Do you have an idea on what those around you are going to do?  These are things you should know going into the event.  Since the same people generally come down for FNM, I catch a lot of drafting habits.  So if a guy is placed next to you that you know forces infect EVERY time and is passing you bombs in the other colors, you need to not even think about infect cards.  In fact, you may just want to pass a few just to make sure he stays infect. 

3)  When all else fails, do something unexpected
This is my bread and butter.  Doing something that you opponents don't plan for(and at first, you probably didn't).  Mono Green Metalcraft?  Yea, I 3-0'd with that.  Was that my initial plan?  Hellz 2 the no.  Did it get me 20 bux in store credit?  Yes it did. 

Overview of the Deck:
The Goods:
3x Ichor Wellspring

3x Mirran Mettle
2x Viridian Corrupter
2x Blight Widow

The Bomb:
1x Ezuri's Brigade

I won't put anything else, but those were the honorable mentions.  What did I learn with this draft?  1)  Mirran Mettle is good in this format.  Especially with protecting you few infect dudes and taking down large dudes.  2) Artifacts that don't "do" anything (see ichor wellspring) add to metal craft without the chance of being dished blowout.  3) Even if your opponent has Sword of Feast and Famine, you can still beat them with a mono green metalcraft deck!

Well till next time, check you guys on the filp side!

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