Saturday, February 26, 2011

The FNM Report

MBS/MBS/SOM is such an interesting limited draft.  The double MBS gives way to archetypes, that normally, might not get there.  As I am hearing from other people, many other shops are running this over the standard MBS/SOM/SOM for two reasons that I can tell.  At my shop, theres a few people where they drafteed 3x SOM so much, that they are burnt out.  Hearing they can draft 2xMBS switches things up so much that they are back into wanted to play this.  This might be reasons TO's/Owners are wanting to run this.  Second reason is that people just want to crack new rares/mythics.

Today I wanted to go through a couple of the archetypes that I have seen come out of 2xMBS/1xSOM:

Ichor Wellspring.dec
I'm sure you heard the Pro's talking about this at the last PT.  Ichor Wellspring is real.  You can either go one of two ways:  Draft a lot of ways to sac them, or just use them as 2 mana cost metalcraft enablers.  If you want the optimal way to sac them, its most likely going to be R/X type of deck.  Last night a buddy at a separate table drafted 5 Ichor Wellsprings in his two MBS packs while drafting a R/W deck.  He had over 4 sac outlets that just let him clean up that table easily.  

Infect Fatties:
This is something that you didn't see with 3x SOM.  It's a deck that utilizes Phyresis and large dudes.  The goal is to get some ramp using Viridian Emissary and Myr to throw out fatties that can either get a Phyresis thrown on them or have built in toughness w/infect.  While I won't say this is a "broken" strategy, it is actually pretty viable.  It's hard enough dealing with the old SOM G-Dino's strategy, its harder when they just flat out kill you in 2 hits.  This strategy also utilizes Unnatural Predation to its best ability.

U/B Mill:
This is a strategy that you need to just force going into the tourney.  I've seen a couple people attempt this post pack 1, and it just comes out bad.  There's just some picks you must get early and a lot of.

Key Cards:
Shriekhorn - Must have, no one will draft these.  Draft 5-6.
Vedalken Infuser - This guy turns your Shriekhorns on for DAYS
Screeching Silcaw - With so many shriekhorns, this shouldn't be hard to turn on.  Take a few Ichor Wellsprings too.
Horrifying Revelation - No one takes this either, draft plenty. 

Sounds awful yet?  Oh it gets better!

The Enablers:
Fuel for the Cause - A counterspell that will keep your Shriekhorns on.
Spread the Sickness - Removal that will keep your Shriekhorns on.
Steady Progress - Draw that keeps your Shriekhorns on.
Thrummingbird - Keep'n them on!
Contagion Clasp - Isn't this a high pick anyways?

The Bombs:
Blue Sun's Zenith - Yes, that is Any player may draw.  WIN!
Contagion Engine - Double the counters and wrath?  Don't mind if I do.
Grindclock - Who drafts this?
Decimator Web -  Get there quicker.  Go for the quad kill!

Now the point is not to draft only these cards, but a good mix of decent/consistent mill and controlling cards.  If you can, draft a Plague Stinger and proliferate your victory.  Remember, this is only viable with 2x MBS because you get such a huge amount of Shriekhorns that NO ONE DRAFTS. 

I also want to give a shout out to my new fav blue uncommon: Vedalken Anatomist.  This guy is such a house it isn't even funny.  I had opponent after opponent staring this guy down with nothing to do about it.  He needs to be answered early or he just ends up giving U/x decks time to do what they want to do.  So many times I was sitting on this guy just waiting to blow my opponent with anything I could possibly draw.  Draft early, draft lots because this guy will win you games.

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