Saturday, February 19, 2011

FNM Results and Meta - Running Standard BUG

Walking into the tournament this FNM I know that I would see a vast increase in the number of players running Squadron Hawk and Stoneforge Mystic.  Just looking at the drastic price jump of Stoneforge Mystic in most shops from $10 to $20 a pop over this last week, it had to be the case.  (Quick side note-  Stoneforge Mystic is going to be an insane bomb for some time to come, especially when the white/red sword comes out, pick them up if you can get a good trade or cheaper than 20).  This is why I was leaning towards Massacre Wurm as a potential bomb against these players.  All worked out.... almost.

Here is the final list that I ran:

4x Creeping Tar Pit
4x Darkslick Shores
4x Misty Rainforest
4x Verdant Catacombs
2x Island
3x Forest
2x Swamp
2x Tectonic Edge

4x Lotus Cobra
2x Frost Titan
3x Massacre Wurm

4x Mana Leak
1x Go for the Throat
2x Disfigure
2x Spell Pierce
1x Doom Blade

4x Preordain
2x Inquisition of Kozilek
4x Explore
1x Praetor's Counsel

4x Jace, the Mind Sculptor
2x Garruk Wildspeaker

3x Flashfreeze
2x Grave Titan
4x Spreading Seas
2x Tectonic Edge
2x Black Sun's Zenith
2x Memoricide

About my list:
I really liked the RUG list that did well at San Jose that ran 2 Garruks, I feel they are much more effective then Oracles of Mul Daya at the moment.  He does everything you want him to, makes dude, untaps lands, makes your creeping tar pits RIDICULOUS!


Match 1 B/R Vamps:
Game 1 we battled it out, I got out a Massacre Wurm and Praetors Council.  Things were over quickly after that.  Game 2 I resolved Jace and Garruk for the win.... or so I think.  As I dug with Jace to get a better clear for his board, my Garruk made blockers for his army.  Sadly, all I received was more Jace and more Garruk and land and failed to beat his scrying/bladed vamps.  Game 3 was over before it started.  Creeping Tar Pit into Island into Darkslick Shore.  As much as I tried to dig, I just couldn't get there.

Match 0-1
Games 1-2

Match 2 Mono Black Control
I played this kid who was playing a mono black artifact based deck.  The theme didn't seem well put together and his games only hinged on if he was able to resolve and equip a Sword of Feast and Famine.  One of the games he did, the other two he didn't.  With a bit more thought, he may be able to put something more cohesive together.
Match 1-1
Games 3-3

Match 3 Mono White Myr
This match was against a new player that put some precons together and made a somewhat cohesive deck.  Game 1 he was able to resolve a Myr Battlesphere and it was over for me.  As I tried to ramp, I just couldn't get there quick enough with a Massacre Wurm.  I brought the hammer down on games 2 and 3 for punishment.  His card quality just wasn't good enough.   This was his first constructed tourney, so I post game we worked on some decks and deck ideas for his next go around.

Match 2-1
Games 5-4

Match 4 Boros
Game one he resolves a t1 Stepped Lynx that pretty much got there for my opponent.  Turn 2 I Inquisitioned a Stoneforge Mystic out of his hand and Disfigure his resolved Geopede.  I stumbled on my land for a few turns and can't find an answer to the t1 Stepped Lynx.  Game 2 was just a worrying as game 1.  I proceed to make my land drops up to 5, and for whatever reason I can't get the 6th (which also has to be black for my Massacre Wurm).  In that time searching, I was able to resolve 3 Jace's and a could removal spells that kept me alive.  Then came the beatings.  His field of 2x Squadron Hawks, Plated Geopede, 2x Stepped Lynx, gets thrown to the grave for 10 damage to the dome with a Massacre Wurm.  Next turn he slams down Stoneforge Mystic getting Sword of Feast and Famine and 2x Squadron Hawks.  Little does he know, my next turn is MASSACRE WURM #2.  Play of the night for this deck.  Game 3 was a bit of a battle again, it all came down to in the end stealing my Lotus Cobra to remove my resolved Jace.  If that didn't occur, I had the straight up nuts in my had if I untaped.

Match 2-2
Games 6-6
Even Breaks.

Moral of the story: 
Needs more development.  At least I was able to get a better feel for the meta at my local shop.  I believe that Massacre Wurm is an absolute beast, especially since squadron hawks, stoneforge mystics and mirrian crusaders seem to be so prevalent.  At no time in the night did I want Grave Titan over Massacre Wurm. 

Next Steps:
-1 Praetors Councel (always wanted something else)
-2 Frost Titans (just never good)
-1 Explore (light on green sources)
-1 Doom Blade
-2 Spell Peirce

+2 Wurmcoil Engine
+1 Go for the Throat
+2 Spreading Seas ( I was boarding them most of the time)
+1 Black Sun Zenith
+1 Liliana Vess (Want to experiment a bit with BUG Plainswalkers)

Hopefully you guys enjoy my FNM Tourney Report.  Stay tuned for more as I believe we have a draft on Monday and Standard on Wednesday.

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