Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SCG Open Indianapolis 2011

To view all the deck lists that I will be talking about, Click Here.

So I spend a small amount of time yesterday breaking down the top 32 of the event.  Below are the breakdowns of popularity and finishes.

SCG Open Top 32# of DecksTop 8Percent top 32
Solar Flare6118.75%
Mono Red5215.63%
Tempered Steel4212.50%
UW Blade216.25%
UW Agro216.25%
Wolf Run Red26.25%
UB Control26.25%
Pod Decks26.25%
UW Illusions113.13%
UB Tezz13.13%
UR Vengence13.13%
GW Humans13.13%

As you can see Solar Flare was well represented at the top.  While I do not have the data about the entire event which would tell me the success rates of these decks, but this is good enough for a general idea what people would be expecting next weekend at SCG Open Nashville 2011.  Week ones are always filled with a variety of decks, we saw 14 different decks in the top 32 which means next weekend we will see less variance but more refined lists. 

Every time I see data like this I find it hard to break down what to be prepared for, so I took the deck archetypes and grouped them together as overall strategies.  Below are the breakdowns:

Aggressive Creature Decks
Mono Red515.63%
Tempered Steel412.50%
UW Agro26.25%
Wolf Run Red26.25%
UW Illusions13.13%
GW Humans13.13%
Total 50.00%
Controlish Creature decks
Solar Flare618.75%
UW Blade26.25%
Mid Range
UB Tezz13.13%
Pod Decks26.25%
UB Control26.25%
UR Vengence1Total3.13%

As you can see, aggressive creature decks make up majority of the successful decks at this event.  If you are preparing for next weekend of states, prepare against this strategy.  If your deck wins every control match up but loses every aggro match up, expect lackluster results.  For this I suggest looking at these cards to improve your game:

Timely Reinforcements
Day of Judgment
Oblivion Ring

Mental Misstep
Mana Leak

Tribute to Hunger
Doom Blade (not Go for the Throat)
Black Sun's Zenith

Galvanic Blast

Prey Upon
Bigger Dudes

You will need some mix of these in your main deck and sideboard.  I'd suggest having 6-10 answers in your deck right now to highly aggressive creature strategies. 
Also, I'd put a couple Ghost Quarter's in every sideboard right now as UW are using Moorland Haunt and red decks are splashing green for Kessig Wolf Run.  Fyi, did you know that you can pay just a green and a red to destroy target Phantasmal Image with Kessig Wolf Run? Very relevant in this format.

I get to play in my first Standard Tournament this week on Wednesday.  It's a toss up between my brew and Tempered Steel.  I just have to nab some more of these Innistrad lands prior to playing if I want to get my brew some tourny testing.  Hopefully this data will help you brew up this week pre Star City Games Open Nashville! 

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